Monday, April 8, 2013


Final year!

Gosh, seems to be blogging so much about boring stuff. All I can think about is my studies right now. Seems to be getting back into my old habits, which is not good!

Keep getting angry, keep getting pissed off. I seldom give thanks to the good things that's happening to me, and keep focusing on the bad things. Sigh.

Thankful that my bf is still around! Been treating him really bad, cause he keeps on annoying me! Don't know if its intentionally or not. But then come to think of it, the things we argue about doesn't really seem big. I'm slowly forgetting to appreciate all the good things he have done, the good person inside of him.

Mostly is because of the stress of school, am starting to get worried. Worried I won't graduate.. Thesis year is so hard! Argh!!

Good luck to me.

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