Saturday, December 8, 2012

strange people

Wow, the strange strange people that I meet in my life.

Firstly, there's this really, REALLY diffusional girl. Always thinking that she is right, and she is better than you. When something goes wrong, she will point the finger to everybody except her. When somebody criticizes her work, she claims that they like it so much that's why they criticize it...

like, whaaaat~?

Seriously, just made me realize there's so many different kind of people out there. Sometimes difficult, difficult people and you have to figure out how to handle them.

Secondly, first time actually experiencing somebody that's so socially-handicapped. Already not a kid and yet still show black face in front of her parents and in public, just to show her dissatisfaction and annoyance just putting everybody in such an awkward position.

Until now, I really cannot comprehend how these people's brain work. I really hope they can just get a wake-up call, something that can make their life much better. I kept complaining when they pissed me off, but then I stopped myself, because you get what you give! So I will give them love, hopefully they can become a better person to make the world a better place to live in. lool.

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