Thursday, August 9, 2012

bar 8!

Class has started and so far we have two new students! I really hope this sem will be a different one. I've started to practice the Secret and you should too! I have been so negative in the past, and now I see it's effects in the present. So I hope by changing my current mentality, I can create a bright future for myself, or at least living day by day happily!

had about a month's break and it was great! Had a family trip to Korea, and a kinda 'honeymoon' trip to Redang. Hopefully I can spare some time to blog a lil bit about them soon.

Classes started one week ago, or supposed to start. Most of the lecturers were absent, I hope they can straighten things out at the faculty. If not I am sure that by the end they will rush us with everything.

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