Tuesday, April 10, 2012

wtf taylors

Yes, my two weeks' break is finally here!

Today had our open crit at GDP architect firm. If you don't know, they are one of the big players in the architecture field. One of the famous number they designed is Pavilion. I think they are quite proud of that project too because when we entered the office, it was the first artist illustration we saw which was hung at the receptionist area was Pavilion. lol

Suppose to be a presentation but I think our lecturer knew we weren't prepared, so it became kind of discussion-based. Was so stressed out at first when we heard the Director of GDP was going to sit in, but then when we found out that he was actually quite friendly, we were greatly relieved!

Something he said struck me, about how our design must have 'love'. I kept looking through my design, but I don't feel anything. I feel indifferent towards my design, I am not excited, nor am I disappointed. And I think that's a big problem, so I guess I'll be taking this break to evaluate my design scheme lar. T.T

Oh another thing I wanna blog about, was my lunch at Taylor's Wong Kok. Horrible, HORRIBLE service! Yes I know the waiter/waitress are students because they are also in training, but my god, the service is just too bad! All of you should FAIL whatever you guys are training for. I ordered a value set which was apparently out of stock and nobody even bother to check or confirm it, everybody's food arrived except mine. After 20 minutes of waiting I called a waitress and ask her to check my order, no sound. Another 5 mins I asked for another waitress and after awhile, she came back and told me that the meal I ordered was out of stock! I've already drank the ice tea and ate the fruits which came with the set BEFORE i knew my meal was not available. By then everybody had already finished their food so of course I don't want them to wait for me (because everybody was sleep-deprived from the day before) so I wanted to order something fast and light, like the mayo sandwich. Then the waitress said cannot because I have already eaten the other side dish for the set. Eh?? Not my problem also, if the meal was out of stock you shouldn't have send me my side dishes in the first place!! I seriously wanted to tell her off but then, haiya whatever lar, tired already.

In my opinion, you so rude, what for you wanna be in hospitality line?? For sure will never get promoted with that kind of attitude. Don't go around and spoil other people's mood, straightaway find rich husband and be huang lian po liao lar. See, wish that you will have a bright future again, I am too kind liao.


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