Wednesday, February 29, 2012

just enrollment week

Been busy the whole week with my uni registration. I've been in this uni for 5 years, which equals to 10 registrations (1 per sem) and not once did it go smoothly. -_-" For this particular registration, it took me about 1 week plus to finally be registered as a student.

On the first day, wanted to register but found out that the course module was not up to date. For the old one, it was just 'Practical Training' straightaway, like wth? Who starts the sem with practical traning? Of course we were dubious and asked the staff who was handling our registrations to confirm before we pay. She said that she will consult with our year leader and will give us a call tomorrow.

Obviously we would never get that phonecall so we went back to uni the next day and surprise surprise, found out that that person was on leave! So we had to explain everything yet again to another staff and she was of totally no help! Kept saying that the course that we were signing up for is this *points at the old module*, and at the same time avoiding our request, which was to just confirm with the year leader that this was the right course (to avoid registering for the wrong thing, and giving you craploads of problem throughout the sem, and even maybe till the day of your graduation, with mostly the excuse that we never took which and which classes... true story!)

She was really such a lazyass person, didn't even bother to call the year leader or even the office, with the excuse that she didn't have the numbers (of her own workplace?? and this was also what she was hired to do, to help students, and not just to sit around and say 'So, what do you want me to do??' Not in a hyper-friendly way, but in a bitch-i-don't-give-a-damn sarcastic way) to see if he's in so that we don't have to waste our time walking all the way to the next block just to find that he's out. 

Anyway, in the end, the year leader confirmed with us that it was the old schedule, and the new one was just submitted into the system. (It was already the 2nd day of enrollment and course outline still not yet confirm?? -_- ) So we came back the next week, and finally after a few more 'problems' (useless number system cause staff never use, our 30% discount was not in the system etc.etc.) me and my boyfriend have successfully registered today!

So, HALLELUJAH. done with that.

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