Wednesday, February 8, 2012

CNY in a nutshell

This year's CNY was very weird!

I didn't manage to join my high-school groups that I always go bai nian with.

But somehow I met with a group that I never thought of joining, which turns out to be very fun!

Still able to catch up with a good friend with lots of embarrassing history between us, which now seems very hilarious and we always use it as our punchline.

Well in the end, I was able to meet up with the usual gang, they all seemed tiresome and energy-less. :\ Almost all of them complained that they feel tired, and CNY this year just feel like less 'oomph'

But at least still have the energy to take a group pic! :D

 Somehow I felt the same too, because from what I remembered from previous CNY's, I was very enthusiastic and wanted to go visit as many friends as possible! But this year I would have stayed home if nobody actually initiated the bai nian's.

Another few of my highschool friends when I was in convent, gamble night!

But all in all, it was still a good CNY! Huat ar!

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