Wednesday, January 11, 2012

year of the DRAGON! rawr~

It's good to be home! And happy 2012 to everybody ^^

2011 has been a scary but great year for me! Of course one of the top highlights for me was working for the first time! Like actually working with getting your payslip at the end of every month! It was such a nail-biting experience as at that time I seriously didn't know what people do in the office, and from 8 till 5! It's like you're just sitting at that one desk for 9 hours a day! Crazzzy. But the BEST part is.. *drumroll* getting ma first paycheck! XD So exhilarating to get my own hard-earned cash! Now I understand why some people just stopped studying when they have landed a job.

Much of the things I have accomplished last year was mostly work-related. But still it gave me a great sense of accomplishment! Cause honestly, I haven't learn much during my 5 years of architectural studies, nothing that can prepare me for the REAL WORLD. It's my fault mostly during those years because I was so dependent! Almost all of my projects I had to rely on someone, especially design-related, because my cad-skill were just so so bad ( and also my 3D & rendering skills!). Never touched them until my last year where I was left alone and was forced to learn.

Working has also forced me to learn. It's like a crash course for the REAL architecture. I am just so grateful to work for awhile before continuing my master. This time I know what I have to learn, what I'm suppose to learn when I'm in the studio. Anyway, hope I will be prepared for Masters!

Other non-work related stuffs for 2011, hmm..not much I guess! Need some personal growth for 2012 then! 2012 New Year Resolutions!

1. Continue with My365, hopefully I can have my 1st year album.
2. Learn how to cook more dish.
3. Improve in my 3D
4. Blog more! Cause I'll definitely will forget about all those 'moments'

That's all I guess!

Chao! Have a great year ahead!

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