Tuesday, December 6, 2011

cant sleep

Was feeling hungry do had some yogurt, but still, can't sleep! :/

Anyway, it's December! How fast does time fly. It'll be my last month working! Even though I might not get my bonus (most probably NOT cause I heard u get bonus only during cny here, n I also heard bonuses r given 1 moth in advance!), good riddance! Money cannot tempt me this time cause I will not be selling my soul to u anymore.

I used to be very tolerating, but after finding out oh how much u mistreated ur staffs (even our basic rights has been ignored) I've made up my mind. Usually had been on the fence, but this time I'm putting my foot down.

Sigh, ppl will advise me that's it's the same everywhere. R u sure?? -,- at least I'd tried.

Risky.. Blogging about work, but oh wth..

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