Monday, November 14, 2011

Logos hope

Watching Conan the barbarian with Kingston n it is just so gross! Ugh. So I'm trying to shift my focus by blogging >.<

Went to logos hope ship yesterday! Was the last day they port in Kuching. The varieties of books r just so-so, didn't really get to browse because it's just so damn crowded! I remember the last I went was when I was around 8 or 9, only can remember the mascot. Lol. N all these while I thought it was called the Douglas ship. Lol.

Hmm just found out apparently I can't post pics in the middle of a post of I'm using mobile -,- so all d pics r at the end of the post lar.

Kept hearing that the ice-cream on the ship is delicious, one come for rm4. Went to try it, not bad lar but not as delicious as what they r proclaiming lor. Made my expectation higher, thought it will be like haagan daaz or sth. But it's nicer then mcd's lar :p

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