Sunday, August 21, 2011

the office

I must always remind myself not to trust anybody too fast. Or better yet, don't trust anybody at all, cause they will hurt you eventually if they have to save their ass. Mostly am talking about colleagues. The old me would have tried to please everybody and be that friendly girl, but now I'm trying to pull away from that. I've only known them for a few months, and it's just not enough for me to trust anybody yet. My guard is super up right now and I will try to keep it that way. When I just got in, I let my guard down and what did it got me? A stab right behind the back.

I know I will always forgot, but I have to remind myself everyday not to get myself too exposed, do what I've been told, nothing more, nothing less. Don't complain too much cause somebody will just take it straight to the boss and make it a big issue. Don't attract any attention to yourself. Don't be a smart ass. Cause you'll get yourself into heaps of trouble if anything goes wrong. You see boss, it's not that we don't take enough initiative, or we are lazy or unmotivated, your employees force me to be so. You don't know what's happening when you're not around.


  1. there there
    that includes me -.-

  2. Perhaps I am a loner lots of the time, but at least I don't get hurt by predisposing myself to the wild wild world where everyone, EVERYONE has an agenda!