Wednesday, August 10, 2011

bonding time!

Our first ever girl's day out! It's such a nice break from from working, and it makes me feel all nostalgic and weepy :'( cause I suddenly miss our life in uni so much! BX came to Kuching for almost a week but could only meet up with her during the weekends, and an occasional dinner in the weekdays.

Came Saturday morning, Penny picked all of us up and we had laksa for breakfast. And then it's off to Damai which is about a 45 mins drive from Kuching Town. BX stayed at Damai for a few days because she needed to do some research on the Sarawak Cultural Village nearby.


Tips for local who wanna go, show your LOCAL student card! (eventhough it's expired just show them they won't even know if it's valid or not. They will take your card for 'verification' but I can assure you they don't know what the hell they're doing.) The price for one ticket was RM60, so we asked the girl at the counter if there's any student price, and she replied yes. So BX n CCL gave her their oversea student cards while I gave them my expired local student card. BX & CCL were charged RM30 each, and RM15 for me... Like, what thes hell right?? We are all still students and malaysians what! You study overseas means u have more money so u have to pay more huh! Stupid SCV (Sarawak Cultural Village).


And it's so much different compared to 5 years back when we came here for our site visit. It was so vibrant and bustling. Now, there's nobody around, and the workers are so unmotivated. There was one part where this lady was suppose to demonstrate a kind of traditional knitting, she did it halfway and just undo everything. And we asked her why she did not want to continue, and she replied even if she finished it, she won't even get to keep it. 0.0 alright.. so u get the point.

Mt Santubong at the back!

Waiting to check in at Damai Beach Resort - BX stayed here and we crashed her place. :p

We checked in around 2pm and stayed in the room till around 5. (lol lazy asses) but it was just too hot outside, and the bed was so cosy~

At the end, grudgingly pulled our asses out of bed and went for a stroll at the beach cause CW dropped by and kept bugging us that we should go outside because we're at the beach! *freaking hot lor*

Seafood for dinner! Next time order ketam should ask for female crabs cause they have more flesh and eggs at the inside!

BX bought chocolate from London! (and also some *o*dom. HAHAHA)

nightime is for pillowtalk~ chit chatting while toning our legs at the same time. Efficient.

Moved to the chalet the next day. Very cosy~

The next morning. Lazing around while waiting for CCL n BX to return from SCV. Almost feel asleep here, with the sea breeze and d waves~

Anyway, it was really a great bonding time for us. Get to update about each other's life, share stories and GOSSIP. hehe. Am already planning in my mind for the next gathering!

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