Saturday, July 9, 2011

my url?

I miss everybody so much! I miss uni life, despise all the late nights, stress, rushing for finals, stressful presentation, sleep deprivations etc etc. It's in the midst of all this stress that makes me miss is the most. What's late nights without mamak sessions, what's sleep deprivation without all the exhaustion that cause you to laugh at the most littlest things, what's presentations without all the post-presentation celebrations.

Anyway, it's just so hard for me to grasp that that part of my life is finally over. But it's nice to reminisce once in awhile, same goes to gatherings too! It's nice to meet ol' friends once in awhile too :)

I keep trying to blog consistently but always in vain. Sigh. I always feel the urge to blog when I have just cut my nails. lool. And I don't think anybody reads my blog anymore cuase I keep changing my url. Been flipping from one to another, but at the end I realized it's which I'll always feel most comfortable with. Cause it's me, I love myself, I love my life, and I love sharing my life with people who cares. My 1st change was greenmon.blogspot. Greenmon's an online nick I used to share with my ex, he was Bluemon cause he likes blue, and thus mine. My 2nd edit was to jambubu.blogspot. My current beu calls me Jambubu once awhile and I think it just sounds so cute, so I changed my url to that. And then I realized, what happens if things doesn't go well, what happens if we break up? And I'll have to change my url once agian. And then it occur to me, whatever happens in the future, cindyluv.blogspot will always be me, unless I hated myself so much and decided to get a plastic surgery and change my name, well, that's another thing.

Gosh, this is one rambling post, but I don't care. :p I just like typing idlelessly. I like typing whatever that comes to my mine. Organizing readable posts is just so tiring.

Ok gotta get myself together. I'll be back in awhile!


  1. YEAY! My luvcindy is back! You have no idea how long I waited for u to be back T_T are you gonna post more often now??? :D

  2. haha sure or not! loool i will try!