Saturday, May 28, 2011

lazy saturday

Last week has really been one hectic week. Just finished off a proposal for a hotel for KLIA2. Deadlines weren't even specify clearly, and suddenly, they need it by today. -_-" Rushed and sent it off by midnight. Now I have a free weekend with nothing to worry about! (for now) Don't know what's install for me next week.

Gosh, working life is really boring. I don't even know what to blog 'bout anymore. Firstly would be the lack of inspiration. Secondly, I'm worried my colleagues would get a hold of this blog, which puts more constraint on what I can write.

Transitioning has been such an experience, but now it has become a routine. I read a quote that says 'embrace the ordinance'. Lol, that's what I'm trying to do. But of course, I'm trying to pick up skills on the way too. I've started to polish my cooking skills, and so far all of my dishes has received a thumbs up! ^^ which is quite an achievement for me cause I've really only started cooking last year.

And I don't know where will I be going next year. It's still very undecided. And scary. Am I prepared? Am I ready? How the hell should I know.

Aaaaargh.. Gonna continue reading ma book.

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