Saturday, March 19, 2011

Life in Kuching

It's been a month and a half now in Kuching. It still feels surreal sometimes, taking a step back and looking at where I am now. It's just a life that I wouldn't expect myself to be in in a million years.

I've found a job working as an assistant architect. I struggled at the beginning because I didn't know what to expect, and what they expected from me. But all is well now, everything is starting to fall into pace and thank God my colleagues are kind enough to teach and guide me. I used to dread every morning, but now at least I would look forward to my day at the office, and to work on my designs.


The previous paragraphs were written 2 months back, it's been saved in my drafts but I've never got around to finish it.

Anyway, things are still the same, just that work is starting to get stressful. And the people around me are starting to get ugly. Ugly in the sense that you can see who they really are, how selfish a person can be, how cowardly, how pompous. And surprisingly, the first person that I doubted when I came in, was the last person I've ever expected to be helpful. You really can't judge a person by what you hear around the office.

I can't really let my guard down here, but so far, I think I've made a good friend. Maybe cause we see each other everyday, and we are almost the same age, most probably that's why I clicked with her instantly. Even though she goes to the same place for lunch everyday, I still will accompany her without fail (other than days that my bf suddenly wants to bring me for lunch!) because I just want to have a break from all the adults at the office. It's just so tiring to have to please everybody, and you don't know what their motive is.

Working is tiring! I am just grateful to see my baby every time I get off from work. It makes me happy :)

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