Saturday, January 8, 2011

Miri airport

That's where I am right now. A 4 hours wait till me next flight to Kuching. I have 2 interviews waiting for me, and hopefully I get employed by one of them before March.

As promised, a long overdue post from me. 2010 has been a tough and crazy year for me. It has forced me to make choices which I've never thought in my life I would make again.

Firstly, I've broken up with my Taiwan boyfriend of 4 years. It has caused quite a stir among my social circle of friends and all my relatives who acquire a Facebook account. It seems that I'm not breaking up with one guy, but the whole world too. Things just didn't work out. And it seems that this explanation wasn't sufficient because I'm always countered with another question 'but why did it took you 4 years to figure it out?' I'm always at a lost when it reaches this question. Somehow I've always felt that it wasn't what I want, not this life, but I've never had the guts to confront it, didn't dare to step out of my comfort zone which I'm so accommodated to.

It took me a year to realize, I needed something more. I deserved more. I need to find myself back before it's lost. People just assumed it was the distance that broke us. But I believed it's the way he is, the egoistic guy that heard what I had to say but never listen.

I know it looks bad but I did us both a favour. I knew he had somebody else in his heart, even though he made the choice to stay with me, but you can't force feelings. If it's there, it's there. You have been contemplating for so long, I couldn't wait anymore. You made your decision, but it was already too late and I'm sorry, I have moved on.

Other than that, other significant things that happened in 2010:

- I'm finally a graduate!
- I'm job hunting, all the way to Kuching!
- And I think I've found Mr. Maybe for now, it's too soon to say :p

Happy 2011! Be thankful!

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