Tuesday, September 7, 2010

japanese curry

first time cooking japanese curry, which was surprisingly quite easy! the premix was on offer so bought a few back to try. i actually enjoyed my own cooking! which is quite rare. *pats myself on the back* =D

ok just a simple guide through for any kitchen noobs out there.

serving for 1 (or 2, i have no idea how to count all this servings =\)

1) beef chunks (or chicken up to you!)
2) butter x 1 tbsp
3) carrots x 1
4) potatoes x 1
5) onion x 1
6) japanese curry premix (bought from shojikiya for RM6)

beef cubes, butter, carrots, potatoes, onions

jap curry premix! it says serving for 1, but 2 for me.

seaweed strips: something extra for the rice

1) heat pan, add butter (healthier)

2) add onion. saute until golden brown

3) add carrots and potatoes (cut into cubes). saute until golden

4) add meat. if it's beef, make sure u don't over cook it.

5) add about 350ml of water (you can add more later if you think the sauce is too thick).
noob mistake: always adding too much in the beginning!

6) add premix

7) shimmer for 10 mins until the sauce starts to thicken.
add salt and pepper to taste

8) and you're done! tadaa~ hahaahha

now, isn't that easy =P

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