Tuesday, April 6, 2010

vast is the ocean

74: 20th March 2010

从附近的意大利餐厅打包回家。rm9.80,贵了点,但是分量很多! 够我吃两餐~

75:21 March 2010

午餐和老鼠熊去吃 Sakae Sushi。一直很想买这一包的绿茶,但是找不到!

晚餐就在Celadon Thai Royal Cuisine. 因为我们想试一下不一样的口味! 嘿嘿~ 真个气氛很安静,我们讲话都自然变小声去了。

76: 23 March 2010

something majestic i saw while on my way back. Usually sun rays would be pointing down, but this one goes upwards! like there's a spotlight underneath the clouds.

77: 23 March 2010

Another tapao-ed, this time it's lamb chop (rm10.90). Didn't really like it cause it consists mostly of fats. =S

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