Wednesday, April 7, 2010

smackable lips

78: 25 March 2010

Bought this from Sasa, it's a lip balm (Vegan Lip Treatment RM45) LOL. Vintage packaging,some sort like Benefit, but more affordable! Tried it the first time and fell instantly in love with it!

The texture is not as heavy as the previous balms I've used, and it has this minty smell =P And it has some exfoliate crystals too but dissolves after awhile. Too bad there's no refills.

2 tinted gloss and a stain. smells nice and blends well. but pink wasn't really my colour.

79: 26 March 2010

First attempt in cooking tomyam - hm style. hahaha. But taste was ok but kinda fail because i add too much glass noodles!

80: 27 March 2010

A doodle I found in one of my notepads. The artist always draws fire around the person because he say if not, later the background too empty. -_-

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