Thursday, April 15, 2010


106: 15 April 2010

Second attempt at the muttons. This is the first time I bought actual meat back home! Actual as in non-processed meat (fishball/crabstick/hotdogs etc) lol. I always thought cooking was tough and messy, but after a few experiments, I've came to realize that.. well, cooking is fun!! =D but still very messy. hahaha.

I know it looks quite simple, but it was my first time successfully making the scrambled eggs. And the best thing was, I didn't even plan to have scrambled eggs that day. I've tried cooking them in the past by follow detailed step-by-steps online (yeah, for scrambled egg, don't laugh!), but failed cause they always ended up being an overcooked omelet.

Anyway, I also realize that the basic ingredients you must have in your kitchen are onions, garlics and ginger. I think these ingredients are what differentiate your cooking from edible to delicious. lol.

I guess that's one of the pros for living alone. You can cook without pressure and if it sucks you just have to bare it yourself, and not harming other people with your cooking! hehe.

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