Wednesday, April 14, 2010

the loaf!

93: 5 April 2010

It's M.O.F time! Green tea + red bean... damn nice!!! Don't add the sugar cause it's sweet enough.

94: 7 April 2010

The Loaf! Never really had a chance to try this cause it looks expensive, but we did eventually, and it's really really GOOD! Especially the Chicken Pie, tastes like soup in your mouth~

95: 8 April 2010

No I do not want to 'try you'.

96: 9 April 2010

Corn soup! I have got to control my ingredients! Always put too much!

97: 10 April 2010

hmhm crashing at my crib from 8pm till 6am! rushing for the site analysis presentation which was suppose to be a 9 person's work but ended up becoming a 2 person's work.

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