Sunday, April 4, 2010

homecooking soon

Last week was just an 'appetizer', I am so not ready for the main course! 

Talking about food, my cooking really sucks! For the past month I've been living off Dominoes, take-outs, instant noodle/pasta/soup.. and the occasional nutritious eat-out meals during the weekends. Yeah, it's sad, but I've never been those girls that just knows/like to cook. I know spaghetti but I bet most students do cause it's like, the most easiest and closest thing to a proper meal ever.

So, tried cooking Tomyam (hm's recipe!), but still haven't perfected it yet. 1st attempt too little soup, 2nd attempt, too sour. =( And rice, had to use gas to cooked it last night cause my rice-cooker's too big. -_-"

So, am on the search for quick home-cooked recipes for one. Any good recipes to share?

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