Wednesday, April 14, 2010

KTZ (not GTZ lol) i miss you

98: 10 April 2010

rainy day - perfect time for a nap. been taking lots of naps these few days cause it's always raining!

99: 11 April 2010

This is what spinach looks like! =P (reference for hmhm & me..hehe)

100: 11 April 2010

I've never ever liked wasabi before. But that day while having sushi with my parents, my dad kept insisting that I give it one more chance, which I did at the end. And surprisingly, I kinda like it! SO WEIRD.

101: 11 April 2010

sunset rain. the whole atmosphere was so yellow!

102: 11 April 2010

cleaning the leftover glue. Took me 30 minutes to get everything off my palm. Sendiri cari pasal -_-

103: 13 April 2010

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