Wednesday, April 14, 2010

don't torture me with smell

87: 2 April 2010

This was after 7 days of starvation. Been rushing for the picnic area assignment and kinda lost track of time.

88: 3 April 2010

the whole house was filled with the euyansang herbal egg smell. it was so torturous cause it kept making me hungry! when i went down the next day i saw this! how many eggs did they boil??

89: 3 April 2010

no bus on saturday afternoon =(

90: 3 April 2010

2nd attempt for tomyam! separate the mee from the soup this time, was better but was a tad too sour!

91: 3 April 2010

a lazy night. so cooked rice and dumped it into the oxtail soup =P

92: 4 April 2010

fried crabstick + tuna! simple and nice =P

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