Wednesday, February 24, 2010


It was fun while it lasted. I'm still trying to adjust to this new life, and it isn't as easy as I thought it would be. It's heart-wrenching to know that what's outside that door was something I used to have before I moved here. The laughter, the craziness, the friendships. These are all easily within my reach, but I am not ready. I know I will eventually adapt to this lifestyle, but not just yet.

I still want to look back and reminisce in the past of how when you're hungry you just shout the word 'MAMAK!' and boom, you're at the mamak stall, no questions asked! I mean, of course there were questions like 'are you really hungry? you sure boh? not wanna diet meh?' but eventually we'll still end up at the mamak stall anyway having our limau ais and nasi goreng kampung. LOL. When you're bored, just pull a chair and everybody will too to watch Survivor together and be flabbergasted when Russell found the immunity third time in a roll! I miss how we eventually grew fond of the 12 cats (I seriously don't know the exact number, but you can call 12 a dozen!) behind our backyard, and used to taunt them with lalang grass and leftover food from dinner. We tied coloured strings/collars on them to let people know that they have owners. There's 3 reds for the kittens and 1 green for 'toh pui' which was our favourite cat.

I miss the fact that because we wanted to be more hardworking and less procrastinating, we decided to move our work station downstairs so that we can do our assignments together and maybe managed our time more properly. But well, lets just say the only thing we've changed was from being upstairs to downstairs. That's all. LOL. Oh wait, it did affect our lifestyle! Because when we're downstairs, and nearer to the kitchen, we started to have home cooked meals more often! I miss how the guys argued over how a certain dish should be cooked, but at the end it turned out delicious anyway! And how they can cook the most delicious fried rice just buy following a how-to-cook-amazing-fried-rice video or something like that on Youtube. lol

There's just too much memories for me to pin to this post, but in the end, the thing I missed most was being in the same house as you guys, and well, which kinda became like a small HIMYM family of our own. loool i know it seems weird to compare it to a sitcom, but that's the only way I can describe it!

That was just a point in our life. Now we're all separated and walking towards different paths, for awhile. I just hope one day our paths will meet, at a crossroad, hopefully with a mamak stall nearby! and we can just sit down, order our limau ais and nasi goreng kampung, and crap just like old times. =)

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