Thursday, February 4, 2010

down the abandoned memory lane

35: 4 February 2010

Visited my primary school today. Oh gosh, I can't believe how much it has changed! And they chopped down 'our' tree!!! =(((

This area used to be the headmaster's small 1 storey quarters, but look at it now! Woah.

The dark green building is the original one. Original as in I had my classes there before! Primary 6 was at the topmost level if not mistaken.

The old building, which is partially abandoned.

This used to be the printing room. I'm not sure if there ware photocopy machines then, but during that time aunty made copies of our exam papers manually =S I remember whenever I pass by I always saw her turning some thingamagic...

Our canteen! Use to have a square hole on the wall to buy our food but it's bricked up now. Meehoon cost 20cents then. Ah~ the life.

It plays negaraku every morning..
and.. oh man i can't remember the school song!

SOME NAUGHTY BOY locked me in the boy's toilet for 3 minutes and surprisingly the boy's toilet were quite clean!

It's nice to drop by once awhile to check up on your old school before they demolish every nostalgic element of yours! And it's also quite weird when that there wasn't an adult in sight when the kids were dismissed... =S It's like the whole school were being controlled by the kids. Hmmm... interesting~~ hahaha.


  1. wow... u went back to ur primary school ar... must be very nostalgic ya... haha

  2. our tree...T_T... the big big tree.. full of bees..T_T

  3. henry: haha yeah, very!

    joyce: hurhur.. maybe the bee nest become too big, they have to chop the tree down liao. hahaha

  4. sweet of u going back to our primary school.. d last time i went there, it's already closed & i didn't manage to go into d school.. A LOT have been changed already..
    neways.. Hey Cindy!!! It's me..Dayang!! Still remember me?? =)

  5. dayang: of course i still remember you! like duh~~~ hahaha.