Friday, January 1, 2010

what's installed for 2010?

I have no idea!

Usually today would be a good time to contemplate on what have you achieved last year, and of course, new years resolution which I don't really intend to keep. hehe.


2009 was one of my most depressing & miserable year. But thank God I have such awesome/supportive friends to get me through it! Even though it took me quite awhile to get over it, but now I'm all prep up, and just BURNING with determination to get this shit over with! lol. It was during this year too that I started to really appreciate my friends, and understood more about them, because it was going to be our last year together.

started my love for connaught's bbq chicken wing on a stick! Now I'll buy a dozen back everytime!

started meeting up with ol' friends! (these few days too! will leave it for another post^^)
Bali Trip!

who can ever forget this Balinese sky.

Normally, lunch would consist of just 5-6 people. But now whenever we go out, it'll usually be in a group of 20! lol. And this year, kept on celebrating birthdays too =P And if the birthday boy/gal is hesitant, we'll always give the excuse 'Haiyo, it'll be the last time celebrating with us!' And walah, a birthday invitation the next day. hahaha!

i wasn't excluded too. lol

Super Tuesday!

This was also the year we started going for dimsum breakfast more often!

For 2010: (reso time!)

1. Hope I can add '3dMax equipped' into my resume =P

- in progress! Happy to say that my first 'class' is this Saturday! Hopefully won't get bombed much. hehe. Since 3d skills' quite important, it's gonna be my top priority for this year, cause my 3d skills suck!

2. Please attend all tutorials!

- As now I have so much free time, even if I have nothing to show (oh god please don't!), just GO! Oh scratch that, NEVER EVER GO TUTORIALS EMPTY-HANDED! You'll just DIE of criticism by your respective tutors!

3. Learn to cook!

- Well, at least a few dishes for lunch+dinner which are edible AND delicious. lol! Summore can save some money for.....

4. World Expo 2010 Shanghai!

- What more can I say ^^

5. Be healthy.

- Well, will specify this later!

Oklah, lazy to add already. But basically, just trying to improve myself as much as possible. Isn't that what NY resolutions are for? lol.

Oh well, Happy New Year 2010! Hope it's a good one!

P.S. OMG I just realize my pics are freakin' HUGE! Don't care lah! Hahahah. Enjoy!

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