Friday, January 1, 2010

happy new year!

001: 1 January 2010

Had our countdown at Tiara Hotel.
Not sure was it because of the lack of fireworks (again!), didn't really felt the hype.


And honestly, I wasn't really enjoying it. The horrid techno, the second-hand smokes. Ugh. I hate the fact that I can't even have a decent conversation even though my friends were just next to me and we had to practically shout our lungs out.

Joyce and me kinda ditched the whole clubbing thing and escaped to somewhere quieter, the lobby. Not long later the rest joined us, and started taking pictures. lol. Especially love the star pic. ^^

Had to skip supper, cause was heading back to godma's place for their post-rounder session (means, food time! loool) Kinda wanted to join them for rounders but I suck at sports, and I have the scars to prove it! lol.

It was a really enjoyable night! Minus the clubbing part. I think my NYE celebrations' gonna get less and less intense from now on. Must be the age. hehe.

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