Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Sorry for not updating as often as I could! Been damn busy these pass few days, working on the stupid culture essay about Pudu Jail and Pierre. Passed it up yesterday morning and slept the whole day after that! lol.

Was so hungry after submission, but was equally sleepy too! Too hungry to sleep yet too tired to get up for lunch. -_-"

Tried to CPR my CPU but it was a lost cause. Gonna bring it to the shop tomorrow. There goes my money. -_-"

Talking about money, I've just updated my cashbook, and without realizing, I've already spent *will not disclose!* on shopping. -_-"

Just finished watching episodes of Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty, ANTM and currently on to Monk. Damn I love PPS! PPS is like, way better than television. -_-"

And can't wait for Langkawi trip! Eventhough.. yeah. haha. -_-"

Sry but my thoughts are just everywhere right now, will compile them into a more organized post next time. lol! byebye

*back to Monk*

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  1. I love PPS too... no ads... =) just have to wait to buffer...