Monday, October 26, 2009

no more

Haiya, can't sleep lah!

I know I seldom write personal stuff here nowadays, but I just have to let this out to a friend.

I'm just bothered by something which happened recently. Somebody who hasn't talked to me for so long suddenly finds me when i'm not there, and when i do reply, they couldn't care less. Even when I wished you, all you replied was with that couldn't-be-bothered attitude.

What the hell?

And it's not just that. When somebody resents you, you immediately can feel it in your gut. And that was what I felt from you for all these time. You try so hard to cover it but it's so obvious. I didn't give much thought for all these time, but that was the last straw!

Still harbouring grudges at me? Still judging me? Angry at me? What?? What was it that made you resent me so much. I will never make the first move any more because it's your turn. I've had enough of being humiliated by your silence. And if you decide to skip it, then I guess this friendship is not worth saving anymore.