Sunday, September 7, 2008

1st time driving in the city!

It's 3:17am already and I'm so so so tired but I have to blog about today! (Technically it's yesterday, but it still feels like today for me. hehe)

For those who really knows me, like, really REALLY knows me, I bet you guys would know about my 'superb' driving skills too right? Haha. Damn tebal muka.

Anyway, today i get to 'uplevel' already! I drove from Cyberjaya all the way to KLCC and back! This is really a huge achievement for me cause I always thought that KL roads were impossible.

But I did it! yes I did! Of course Jac was guiding me the whole way cause I'm so directionally-challenged (If there's even such a word!) And I also realized that my temper, woah, if I have new friends they totally cannot, CANNOT, see me drive until we've successfully finish 1 solid year of friendship bonding. =P

Anyway that was my first time. I doubt I'll be that uptight the next time I drive to KL. So, maybe can accept new friends in the car la. Haha.

omg everything's so dizzy now.. nite guys!

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